Terri Servais

Owner / Coach


Terri Servais comes from an extensive background in fitness. Her career started as a group exercise instructor while attending college as a part time job. After college she continued to teach part-time, and found this to be her true enjoyment. After attaining her Business Degree from UW-Parkside, she went out into the corporate world and hated it. It became a struggle to get through an 8 hour corporate day, while still loving what she did part-time. Terri then decided to get certified as a Personal Trainer through ACE and AFAA and continued to get different certifications for Pilates, Group Exercise, Spinning and Pump.


With that, she quit her business job and started her own in-home personal training business and got involved in doing sports specific training. To better her education she returned to school to get a degree in Physical Therapy, but decided after two years it wasn’t the direction she wanted to go. Terri then got married and while raising her family has continued to educate herself in different areas of fitness. She is a triathlete/duathlete and has been very competitive in many races. Racing is what got her interested in CrossFit. A friend introduced her to the CrossFit Endurance Program which she started doing herself and after researching the whole program became very interested in the whole community. Terri then became Level 1 CrossFit certified, CrossFit Endurance certified, and recently CrossFit Kids certified.


Terri now has three kids and has made CrossFit a very important part of her life. Her 30 years of teaching (yes thirty years!) has given her a huge amount of experience in the world of fitness and she is devoted to the health and wellness of her clients.

Ryan Atkins



Ryan has been involved in athletics and training since childhood. He started playing traditional sports like baseball and basketball until he discovered his passion for martial arts when he was 12 years old. He studied Tae Kwon Do and Karate throughout his teenage years, gaining a black belt in the latter by the time he was 18. During his days at UW Madison he would study other arts: Aikido, Kendo and Ninjitsu, but his passion was reignited when he was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai.

After graduating, he would later study western boxing and wrestling. In 1997, he competed in his first UFC-style competition and took his division, winning three fights in the same day. Ryan had his last fight in 2001 and maintained a winning record during those years. Knee problems later hindered his efforts to reenter the sport. In 2002, a friend suggested he turn to Olympic Weightlifting to stay in shape. A cursory internet search on the subject led him to CrossFit and he was soon hooked, both to the workouts and to the web community.

Ryan’s main goal is to use the tools he has learned to empower the lives of others, whether it be in their daily lives around the house, on the battlefields of foreign lands, in our city streets upholding the law, or in the pursuit of victory in athletic competition. Over the years he has worked with a broad range of clients including world class endurance athletes, national level UFC/MMA fighters, firefighters/fire science students, soldiers, law-enforcement personnel, high school/collegiate athletes, children and grandparents.

Tori Hartmann


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In 2012, after graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. I felt lost in who I was as a person, I struggled on a mental and physical level. I realized that going out every single night with friends was an unhealthy option. I saw the pounds on the scale go up and up, my clothes started to feel tight, and I kept telling myself next week I’ll get running. After finally deciding enough was enough, I went out for a run and decided that I would sign up for my first marathon. I realized that exercise is not a punishment to your body, but rather a way to empower yourself and your body physically and mentally. I fell in love with running so much that my running now touches every portion of my life. I have participated in 30 full marathons, 32 half marathons, a 50k ultra marathon and a half ironman.


In 2015 my life forever changed, I welcome into the world a wonderful baby girl. Becoming a new mom gave me the courage to help me pursue my passion and love of the fitness industry into a career. After attaining my certification, I started to personal train clients and teach evening boot camps.


In 2016, I was able to crush another one of my lifelong goals to body build, and step on the stage twice to compete in bikini competitions. I returned to the stage in 2018 as a figure competitor.


Being active is how I enjoy my life and one aspect of how I feel I live life to the fullest. Through fitness I have experience some of the most beautiful things in life; such as a beautiful sunrise on a mid morning run, helping a friend believe in themselves and their fitness goals, or finding the power and strength inside myself to take on a new fitness challenge.


Staying active helps me to be a better mother, wife, daughter and sister and friend. I hope other see this and are inspired to start getting fit, take their fitness journey to a new level, and/or reach new fitness goals. I want to help others find health and fitness to be a meaningful compliment in their lives; and that they love it so much, that they too will want to share their fitness passion with others.

Peter Clark


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