Being a gym owner has allowed me to train on my schedule. Joining HybridAF has allowed me to offer my members the same 24/7/365 access that I have enjoyed. Members are able to enter the gym at times when no classes are going on and use the facility. You have the  choice of making HybridAF  a add on to your current membership or just join GridFit as a Hybrid member.

The Old way


My gym is utilized for classes during the day but sits empty and not utilized for large blocks of time. My members that miss a class or open gym time, due to life’s responsibilities, had no option to get into the gym at times that meet his or her schedule. Members who travel to other towns are forced into a schedule and paying a drop-in fee.

The #HybridAF way


My gym is now accessible for members 24/7/365 . Through the secure app, my members have the flexibility to enter my gym at times convenient to their individual schedule. Traveling members will be welcomed by other #HybridAF affiliates as part of the community access policy of participating gyms. 



Members - $25/month

Non-Members - $50/Month

One-Time setup fee - $40